If you choose to self-manage a construction project, a quantification is essential for you. Contractor based specifications are usually based on their supplier relationships and experience of certain products. These may not be what you actually want.  Useful in any construction project, we will produce this document for the tendering process in your construction project, in which materials, parts, and labour are itemised so a uniform document can go out for pricing by contractors.

It details the terms and conditions of the construction contract and itemises all the work for a contractor to price. This way there is no misinterpretation by the contractor and everyone knows exactly what they will be expected to provide. Without this you may receive a whole spectrum of prices and it will be impossible to see who represents the best value. The cheapest contractor on paper without this document may end up the most expensive. Contractors are renowned for under-pricing the works to get the job and then hit you with every variation not listed on their estimate. The end result means you often pay more than the most expensive contractor during the tendering process.

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