Building Pathology


Buildings sometimes go wrong and our Building Pathology Surveyors are experienced in getting to the bottom of a wide range of building problems.

Damp and mould growth is a common symptom we come across and we can assist in determining why this is happening. Ventilation issues often lead to humid internal environments and we can survey and test your building to determine if background ventilation and extractor fans are adequate and working correctly, or if it’s the way the building occupier is using the property.

For those properties with mechanical ventilation systems we can also test and set up these to ensure they are working properly and help to solve issues with excessive noise. We can also locate and remedy issues with draughty or difficult to heat buildings or properties that overheat during the summer.

We use a range of equipment to help solve building problems such as thermal imaging cameras, flow rate meters, endoscopes and air leakage testing equipment.


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